czwartek, 19 listopada 2020

[Recenzja] Problem trzech ciał

In the afterword author says that “the most beautiful stories were written not by bards and poets but by science” (yes *science*, not even “nature” or God or anything that could make it metaphoric or religious or philosophical). And… yes. “Three Body Problem” reads as book written by someone so primitive and lacking basic understanding of culture not to mention human nature or storytelling, to say such a moronic thing. It's flat and boring and as imaginative as an academic textbook based on irrelevant theory disproved long time ago.
The premise is not that bad, but execution is, to be honest, shocking. It's so abhorrent I cannot even decide what is the worst aspect of it. Flat characters made emotionless by horrible past yet emotionally motivated though there is no way reader can believe this pieces of paper have any life in them at all? The structure that gives us the inciting event after the 50% mark? The style, this wonderful mix of primary school writing and Paulo Coelho truisms? Infodumping on a scale not even imagined before? (in a way this whole book is an infodump)
In what world do we live in where we prosecute authors for views not connected to literature but people saying such preposterous things about literature get awards…?
It's bad. BAD. The only reason to read is to learn how the world without artists would look like. (spoiler: like shit).

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